The history of Swedish Pizza

The history of Swedish Pizza began in1947 when 300 Italian guest workers moved to the city of Vasteras and opened up what would become Sweden’s first Pizza Restaurant. Two decades later, pizza was as common as Swedish Meatballs and each major city had a few restaurants offering this delicacy. Until the late 80’s, the taste and toppings of Swedish Pizzas were very similar to Italian Pizzas. The most common toppings at the time were assorted ham, mushrooms and selected greens, but then, the immigration of Turks, Iranians, Lebanese, Armenians and Greeks occurred and “The Turkish Doner Kebab” (Herbed Rotisserie Ground Beef) and creamy Garlic Sauce (with which it is most commonly served) was introduced to the Swedes and a new kind of topping was added on Pizza.They called it “The Kebab Pizza” (we call it “The Madison” at REDS) and it was an instant hit, making it the most popular Pizza in Sweden to date; so popular in fact that Swedes residing in the USA have made “pilgrimage” visits to REDS since its opening, knowing that REDS is THE ONLY place where they can eat this fantastic pizza.

In the last two decades, other toppings have been added to the Swedish Pizza menu such as Filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce and banana with curry. What mainly distinguishes Swedish Pizza from American or Italian Pizza is primarily the thin “n” crispy crust and its “Swedish Herb” based tomato sauce.

To add more variety on a Pizza restaurant’s menu, this fine culinary tradition carried over to wraps/sandwiches and combination plates as well.


In 2013, two immigrant brothers from Sweden residing in Los Angeles, amongst them one “Fine Dining” culinary chef, founded REDS in California and sought to revolutionize the American “Pizza dining” experience by bringing these excellent and popular gourmet pizzas to the American people. Having considered the idea for a decade alongside their own respective successful careers in Culinary & Entertainment Arts, knowing how popular Swedish Pizza would become amongst the American people as well, they opened up the doors to REDS on January 15th, 2014. The success was instant, with REDS proudly serving 100% freshly handmade authentic Swedish Pizzas, Sandwiches, Rolls and Combination Plates. The Madison and The Garland Pizzas have since become very popular amongst Americans.

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